TC21 - Mathematical Tools for Measurements

The Technical Committee 21 of IMEKO (IMEKO TC21) was officially established in the year 2004.

To promote the harmonisation, the co-ordinated use and the development of new mathematical and statistical tools for measurements, and their implementation in guides, procedures and codes, acting
as a portal on an international environment.

Membership aims at continuing to group of Institutions having participated to the AMCTM Community and to the SofTools_MetroNet Network either as members (formally participating to the network) or as partners ("friends" in IMEKO terms).
The subdivision of these Institutions into members and "friends" has no practical influence of the activities. In addition, cross-membership of persons active in other IMEKO TCs is welcome and encouraged, from TCs with complementary activities.
At present (2016) membership consists of 39 Members and 44 Friends from 32 Countries worldwide.




XII Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology and Testing International Conference

15-17 September, 2020
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

An event of IMEKO TC21 "Mathematical Tools for Measurements" organised by IMBiH and co-sponsored by IMEKO.

This is the 12th conference in the AMCTM series, starting with Turin (1993) with subsequent conferences held in Oxford (1995, 1999), Berlin (1996), Lisbon (2000, 2005), Turin (2003, 10th Anniversary), Paris (2008), Gotheborg (2011), St. Petersburg (2014) and Glasgow (2017).

Eleven volumes on "Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology and Testing" have been published by World Scientific ( based on the conference presentations.

Conference chairpersons:

  • Alistair B. Forbes (IMEKO TC21, NPL, UK)
  • Franco Pavese (IMEKO TC21, Italy)
  • Nien-Fan Zhang (IMEKO TC21, NIST, USA)
  • Alen Bosnjakovic (IMBiH, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Zijad Dzemic (IMBiH, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The International Scientific Programme Committee is under construction and will be  published in the First Announcement and Call for Papers in September 2019.

Conference aims - the overall aim of the conference series is to provide a multi-disciplinary forum to:

  • Understand better the modelling, statistical and computational requirements in metrology
  • Develop new mathematical and computation tools for measurement and testing
  • Promote national, regional and international collaboration
  • Support early stage researchers in metrology and related fields
  • Address industrial and societal challenges

Conference themes - are similar to previous editions and include

  • Advanced statistical modelling and methods: uncertainty evaluation, experimental design, optimisation, data analysis and applications, risk assessment
  • Metrology and Testing software: engineering aspects, requirements specification; software development, software examination, software tools for data analysis, visualisation, experiment control; best practice; standards
  • Numerical methods: numerical data analysis, numerical simulations, inverse problems, uncertainty evaluation of numerical algorithms, applications to metrology and testing
  • Data fusion techniques and Design and analysis of inter-laboratory comparisons, namely those required by the Mutual Recognition Agreement and in the Testing frame.

It is anticipated that the conference will include Special Sessions and a Round Table discussion.
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Responsible for the IMEKO TC21 website content: Dr. Franco Pavese, Torino, ITALY (see Members).